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9:00 pm hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops here because we are always looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: tonight. >> our recovery plan has put tax cuts in people's pockets. >> the recovery act is working. >> and it's continuing to create and save jobses that otherwise would have been lost. sean: don't believe the hype. the fed says the real up employment rate is 16%. will senator kennedy's death impact the health care debate? >> the people are not going to forget. sean: first it was the aarp. now seniors bail on barack obama. >> you cannot be serious. you've got to be kidding me. sean: it's no joke. tennis bad boy john mcenrow is here tonight. >> come on now sean: all of that plus governor mike huckabee in and our great
9:01 pm
american panel. if you listen to the obama administration, you'd think we'd left the recession in the dust, that we're well on the way to economic recovery. but the unemployment lines around the country tell a very different story. and apparently so do the statistics. now, the chairman of the atlanta federal reserve said in a speech yesterday that the information that week of been hearing isn't exactly the whole story. he argued that, quote, if one considers the people who would like a job but have stopped looking and those who are working fewer hours than they actually want, the unemployment rate would move from the official 9.4% to 16%. and the labor department in, in commuting the national unemployment rate doesn't consider those workers, so a bloated budget, a $787 billion stimulus and unemployment standing at 16%. well, is this the recovery the obama administration wants our gratitude for? and joining me now to discuss this and more, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee is here
9:02 pm
with us. of course, host of "huckabee" right here on fox news channel. good to see you. this is interesting to me because we were -- we revised upwards the projections of the obama administration from $7 trillion today 9 trillion. >> each trillion is a million million. we have become numb to these figures but a billion is like a thousand million. a trillion is -- sean: go slow with this i can't even keep up with you. >> think about a millionaire times a million. and nine times more than that. sean: i keep using one phrase, unsustainable. i keep saying, we're not going to be able to do this. none of these numbers include health care. and we're talking -- they keep saying, $1 trillion for the first 10 years. what they aren't telling you is that the real cost will be in years 11 through 20, not years one through 10. sean: governor, i am by nature an optimistic person and i believe -- >> except when it comes to the obama administration. i don't think that optimism --
9:03 pm
sean: i've been pretty accurate about obama. >> you actually have. i will have to confess. sean: i'm not a pessimistic person. i, more than any other time in my life, governor, am nervous about the future direction of this country and i mean america really falling back. i mean, america really declining. i mean opportunity slipping away. sound -- founded fierce? unfounded fears? >> the reason they're unfounded is because there's a disconnect between the people who are leading this country and the people who are supposed to be leading. a new poll shows that 70% of americans would favor less government and lower taxes. their attitude, that tastes great and it's less filling. that's what they'd really like to see. but the government and, look, republicans have to take some blame on this because they help set some of this stuff up with the tarp bill last fall. but when you start having a government that ignores the people, holds them in contempt, makes fun of them, calls them a
9:04 pm
mob -- sean: when did this ever happen? >> ridicules them. the divide gets greater and greater but clearly there's something not getting through to the people in washington, d.c. sean: governor, everything that the government seems to touch is bankrupt. i'm using a term government derangement syndrome, that in spite of the post office failing, now the fdic is nearly bankrupt. that was the news today. freddie and fannie, medicare, medicaid, social security, and anything else we can think of, everything they've touched is bankrupt but so many people believe. they want to believe. we're making government god. is that -- is there some truth to that? >> there is. i think we need to remember that for most americans, what they really want more than anything is a job. they want to be able to get up in the morning and have the dignity of looking at the food on their table, even if it's humble, and know that their hands and hardwork put it there. there's something about the dignity of a job. it's not that people get rich
9:05 pm
but they want to be able to provide for their families and not have to depend on others. this number that came out of the fed chairman from atlanta, 16%, and here's what's really scary. that 16% represents a lot of people who have just given up looking because their discouraged. it includes people who are underemployed and here's what's really frightening. of the job losses we've had since the recession started in 2007, 40% of them have come from manufacturing and construction jobs and a lot of those are not coming back. sean: what's frightening, the only sector think a see job creation is government. the heritage foundation, they did a study, did you realize washington this year is going to spend $31,000 per household, they're only going to take in $17,000 of that $31,000 and they're going to borrow $13,500, per household, for this year alone and i'm thinking that anybody who ran their budget or accounting like this could be put in jail. >> bernie may doff is in jail
9:06 pm
for less of a scandal in many ways, his was in the billions. this is the trillions of dollars we're talking about in which government continues to spend significantly more money that it takes in. tax collections are down, spending is significantly higher. and nobody can operate like that. sean: when you were on the campaign trail, you quoted reagan. i quote reagan on this program. i quote him on my radio program all the time of the we're a shining city on the hill. the last best hope for man on this earth. many inspiring words and speeches. is that in decline? is america now in decline because of the radical views of this president, nancy pelosi and harry reid? >> i think that there's a lack of an optimistic message. we're not hearing so much about what america is going to be and how we're going to get there. i don't want to blame that completely on probe. i think that there's an overall mood, people are just anxious and nervous. part of it is because they don't see any positive impact of the policies, in fact, they're seeing the opposite.
9:07 pm
a great example of that is when -- if they really are it serious about stimulus, then help retrain people for a job, put the money in community colleges and empower people to go, be retrained for a job to replace the one. sean: do you think too many people, cash for clunkers, refrigerators, college, housing, do you think too many people have almost forgotten what the institution's about, what freedom's, what liberty's about and they're adopting the false promises of a government that will offer them anything in their per suit of snow shower >> never forget the words of margaret thatcher. the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of people's money. sean: the guy john mackey from whole foods said that and they're trying to throw him out of his position. >> that was very unfortunate. he was just simply making a statement of fact and he's certainly not a raving conservative but he's a business person and he knows that in his business he can't operate if he can't make a profit. sean: i think america's going to
9:08 pm
come back in this way because i think america now, we're seeing the rejection, starting with the tea parties, starting with these town hall meetings. they're rejecting the move. i think most people gave barack obama the benefit of the doubt. now they realize he's far more radical. do you agree? >> i think they're really surprised. there hasn't been the transparency and the bipartisanship and the lack of lobbyists that he said. broken promises has hurt people. but this is a resilient country. look at what we've been through. america will rise again, i'm convinced of that. sean: as soon as we get some of these people out of office. good to see you. coming up, we're going to have a live report from the j.f.k. library in boston where a public viewing of the late senator, ted kennedy, is taking place and he was at the forefront of health care reform and the debate for decades. so how will the loss of senator kennedy effect the current debate in washington? we'll analyze that more and john mcenrow coming up.
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>> from america's news room, an emotional scene in boston tonight as thousands say a personal goodbye to senator edward kennedy. well, you're looking at live pictures now. this is from the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston. you can see a long line of mourners. they are filing past the late massachusetts senator's casket
9:11 pm
there. the library is scheduled to remain open until 11:00 eastern time tonight. the viewing will resume friday morning at 8:00 a.m. it will continue until 3:00 in the afternoon. then saturday there thereby -- will be a funeral mass in boston. probe will deliver the eulogy then. officials say all four living former presidents have indicated they would like to be able to attend the saturday service. senators kennedy -- senator kennedy's long journey will end at arlington national cemetery on saturday. the man once called the lion of the senate laid to rest near his brothers. now back to hannity. what's up, smart?
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sean: tonight in your america, the issue of health care reform is one championed by senator ted kennedy throughout his life so as the nation mourns the passing of the long time massachusetts senator, many are asking how his death will effect the current health care debate in washington. and joining me now to help analyze this, a much more -- and much more is a columnist and fox news anchor. you know, look at the headlines week of got here. win one for ted, this is abc news, says, democrats pushing for health care reform. i've got a whole series. 2:30 in the morning on the morning that he passed away we had an email sent out by nancy pelosi, you know, basically saying, his dream of health care reform need to be made this year because of his leadership. this is an hour after he died. >> i know. >> it's so transparent i can literally see through them. it's ridiculous.
9:14 pm
>> -- sean: pass obama care to honor ted. >> doesn't that speak volumes about the desperate measures that they will take now? that they want to hook their wagon onto the memory of ted kennedy in an effort to once again pull the wool over the eyes of the american people. it doesn't matter what you call it. save the children health care, it's still not going to work because the american people are smart and they've read the content. sean: isn't it, it's unseemly to me, now -- i've had conservatives attack me and say, you didn't bring up his cadcal socialism, all the other personal issues he's had in his life because i'll be honest, i think, at this moment, i feel sorry for his family, they've lost a family member and we will have time to discuss his career. out of respect for his family i've decided not to go down that road personally. that's my decision. but democrats are politicizing this. they're trying -- it reminds me of paul wellstone when he died. do everything for paul
9:15 pm
wellstone. this is his memorial service. >> absolutely. it's pretty unseemly. it's manipulative. worse, it's transparent. i mean, like -- as if the american people who have been judging health care on its face value is are suddenly going to want to win one for the kipper and throw all of their concerns out the window out of sent mental movie, hollywoods no talia is really insulting to the people. >> isn't it also irresponsible? grossly irresponsible? how are we going to pay for this? it's becoming apparent that everybody in the obama administration is really bad at math, ok? how are you going to pay for this? monopoly money? i don't know. because it doesn't make sense. the content -- sean: that's a good line. >> for $1. sean: that may be all we have is monopoly money. >> that's the problem. they keep printing. the money keeps printing and printing. at some point it's going to end and the printing press is going to break.
9:16 pm
sean: the fawning media coverage, are we allowed to ask this question? a lot of it is dishonest. >> no surprise there. this is a typical democratic tactic. let's not actually analyze what's good and what's not good about this program, let's just rename it. and hope that the american public doesn't notice. sean: i'm talking about senator kennedy. the coverage about him has been over the top and frankly dishonest. in the case of michael jackson, i thought the same thick, too. i think there was dishonest coverage. is that something that happens when somebody dies? is that appropriate? we're not supposed to bring up or allowed to bring up the full context or texture of one's life? just the goods a pects what have we like? >> it is what we do. to be honest, ted kennedy just passed and i think out of respect for the family we're all sort of remembering his legacy, which was substantial. >> and he died from a terrible disease, cancer. it's important for the -- sean: i do feel sorry for his family. i'm not disputing that at all.
9:17 pm
but i had pure -- i had a minute where he called my radio show once, it was a very funny story, kay bailey hutchinson, she's in the cloak room, i said, if you get ted kennedy on, i'll donate money to your charity. it was pretty funny and that was the only time i've had the chance to interview him. >> what's interesting with this, if people go back in history because i think it's important to revisit the history of this great country, if you go back to the 1970's, ted kennedy had an opportunity to put in real health care reform which he then later regretted that he did not work with nixon on it. he worked against it to kill that health care reform so now the democrats are upset and they're saying that the republicans and the conservatives are mean spirited and all the americans, hardworking americans, that are going to have to pay for this health care reform that is not valid, that will not work, are upset about it, they should voice their concerns and now they want to put it on ted's back. sean: he wanted the federal government to run everything, he rejected capitalism. i mean, we have staunch political disagreements in terms
9:18 pm
of the direction of the country. >> not to mention this strategy of corrupting kennedy. not that smart if you're trying to win over nonliberals. he was liberal. sean: do you think nancy pelosi and daud and this is a mistake? >> obama can't spell it. if obama can't spell it why is ted kennedy going to sell is it ? >> democrats aren't going to go for it either because their constituents don't want it. they want to get reelected. sean: good panel as always. always good to see you. thank you both. now starting this weekend by the way, the tea party express tour kicks off. americans all over the country are going to hit the streets to voice their grieveances over government spending and universal government health care and our observe griff jenkins is going to stop every single place. he's starting this weekend and checking in and giving us an update and blogging. with the latest video and we'll be checking with minimum throughout the next week.
9:19 pm
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sean: tonight, the white house is handling of the health care debate has been nothing short of a disaster and if you have any doubts, let's take a look at this poll. support for president obama among seens is in a free fall. now you can see that in only one week there was a five-point dropoff. gallop also found that for the first time since his inauguration, more seniors now disapprove of the president than approve. i guess all those seniors
9:24 pm
attending town halls across the country, i guess they're not republican operatives after all. the braveg men and women of the c.i.a. who risked their lives to keep this country safe are being targeted by attorney generic holder. but new mexico governor richardson who happens to be a close ally of the obama administration, well, he's off the hook. a year-long federal investigation into richardson has apparently been called off. now he had been accused of orchestrating a pay to play scheme after a major donor of his was awarded a lucrative government contract. now the scandal even caused richardson to step down as mr. obama's choice for commerce secretary. remember this? >> i have asked the president-elect not to move forward with my nomination at this time. the ongoing c.d.r. investigation would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process. sean: that was then. this is now. a source close to the investigation tells the a.p., quote, it's over.
9:25 pm
there's nothing. it was killed in washington. it must be good to have friends in high places. and tonight's universal nightmare segment is brought to you by the u.k.'s national health service, a british man named mark watson visited this hospital to have his appendix removed. now to his surprise, he returned to this very same hospital a month later with a ruptured appendix. that's right. the first time around the hospital actually didn't remove watson's appendix and when he went back the second time he got an infection which sent him back a third time and the result -- he lost his job. now watson told the london daily mail, quote, i had a temporary job at a sports shop, but when i took in two medical certificates saying i had my appendix out twice, well, they didn't believe me. i can barely walk, i'm in constant pain, don't worry, though, a spokesman for the hospital had the following to say, quote, we would like to apologize if mr. watson felt dissatisfied with the care that
9:26 pm
he received at great western hospital. well, that's comforting, isn't it? just think, in just a few short weeks, all americans can be forced into a system just like that one. and the obama administration has done a lot of bragging about the success of the cash for clunkers program. now that's the government program that allowed americans to trade in their so-called gas guzzling cars for a $4,500 cash rebate. it sounds like a pretty good deal, right? well, what team obama forget to mention was that those $4,500 dolled out by uncle sam will also be taxed by uncle sam as regular income. so just as quickly as the government gives you money, it will be there taking it away. isn't that funny how it works? a county treasurer in south dakota said, quote, well, they didn't realize that would be taxable. a lot of people don't realize that. so they're not happy and kind of surprised when they found out. i think that's generally how people react when they learn about taxes under president obama. and that is the news tonight
9:27 pm
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9:29 pm
to camp david. listen to his very busy schedule next week. >> sun and monday there are no public events and wednesday through sun the plan is to go to camp david. sean: how nice. john mcenrow and the great mern panel straight ahead. ♪ during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can have something decadent... with something spicy. then something crunchy, then something new... like wood-grilled shrimp with a tangy teriyaki glaze.
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9:32 pm
we were just talking about this issue, the death of ted kennedy. i'm sincere, you are sincere, you wish his family well, right? and the conservative -- here's the problem i have, within an hour or two hours after his death, nancy pelosi's trying to use that as a means of selling nationalized health care. if we're going to deal with 20% of the u.s. economy, shouldn't it be judged on the merits? >> i think what they did, this is a miscalculation on their part. what they were trying to do is take a page out of l.b.j.'s play book. l.b.j. you'll liesed -- eulogized j.f.k. he said, in his honor, let's pass the civil rights act. this is what j.f.k. was pushing and it placed a lot of pressure on congress and members who weren't supportive of it were supportive of it because there is this groundswell of spomplet i think that's what nancy pelosi and chris daud were loorking, to mirror -- dodd were looking for.
9:33 pm
you're not going to have a groundswell of support because it's named after ted kennedy. sean: house speaker nancy pelosi's office sent an email to reporters, just hours after his desk, calling for the passage of health care overall -- overhaul. >> it's ex employ daytive and misconceive -- exploittive and misconceived. people already in favor of it and support it and the people that are in the swing districts, the freshmen democrats representing red states, for their constituents, ted kennedy is a liberal. he's a liberal icon who did everything he could to grow government no matter what the cost. that's not going to make them think any better of this bill. they're going to name it after a liberal icon. >> i'm not sure, my thought was simply this, a i'm not sure they were as concerned with the senator's death as they were losing the vote. sean: that may sound like a harsh thing to say but it seems like, he died, we can talk about health care. i'm thinking, that's so highly
9:34 pm
inappropriate to me. >> that's probably not how they feel but that was the impression -- sean: that was the impression that they left. is that a fair analysis. >> i don't necessarily think that's the impression they left. i just think it was the wrong time for them to invoke ted kennedy in it. when they start debating this issue on the floor and they want to bring the blue dog democrats back onboard and say, do this for him, he's a guy who really reached across the aisle, then you could invoke his ability to reach ath across the aisle but don't the day after try to benefit from his name. >> it's a sign of desperation. >> it's not desperation. >> it is desperation. this is the key thing. >> this is politics. >> this is the key thing. this bill -- >> they would have done the same thing. >> you can call it by any name you want, you can try -- obama care, kennedy care, mom and apple pie care, doesn't matter. >> the health care lobby has paid over, up to a half a billion dollars to lobby against it. >> they are in favor of it,
9:35 pm
obama has boldly said -- sean: wait, wait, wait. hang on. let's go one and a -- at a time. you go first, rich. >> it's a canard that the special interests are opposing this. the hospitals support it, the a.m.a. supports it, big pharma sports it because they're all big-time players. sean: let me ask you -- >> it's a genuine public revolt that's taking it down. sean: are you saying that you think these grandmothers and these stay at home moms and these veterans showing up at these town halls, you're saying this isn't genuine? this isn't real? because i'm going to tell you something, we watch our ratings, we watch our web hits, you watch radio, you watch the passion, i'm telling you it's real. are you suggesting that this is orchestrated by outside forces? because if you believe that you're dead on wrong. >> no, absolutely. part of it is orchestrated by outside forces. there is lobbying group that's put together funneled money -- >> democrats have a lobbying group now. >> yes, but initially when there
9:36 pm
were folks going out there, they were going out there with talking points. now there's a groundswell -- you're laughing at this but you're part of a conservative movement that helps draft these talking points as well. now there's a grant -- now it's my turn. there's a groundswell on both sides now and they're getting out and engaged in negotiating issues. >> it's just -- it's sad -- it's like this is being run like an election. and this is much more important than an election. this is our lives, my children's lives and i think, you know, in an election, you beat your opponent up and after the election, you try to find points of affection for your opponent and work together to take -- ted kennedy did that. sean: we'll do that during the break glfment they wanted to ram this down our throat in two weeks. the president's spent more time picking out the dog for his kids than he did going over this bill. which is -- he wanted to do it in two weeks. >> the problem is that he gave the keys to congress.
9:37 pm
he gave 5 35 members of congress to ride the bus. he should have put the initiative -- sean: we have to take a break. first we check in with greta for a sneak peek of what's coming up in 23 short minutes from now. greta: sean, we're going to fact check the president. whether he's got the facts right. and you will not believe what the state of nevada is doing to california. it's so mean. we actually have it on video. it's really mean. sean: what is it? greta: mean. very mean. very mean. it's ugly. sean: these teases are mean. now i have to sit and watch it and figure it out. i never get to go home, i'm watching the show. [ female ann] introducing the latest
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sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. we found out this week that barack obama -- $2 trillion. all right. so we discussed this. they're spending in washington now $31,000 a family and they're only taking in $17,000 per family on average. i'm thinking, why would anybody think that we can now add trillions to that as the c.b.o. projects as they score the house bill? >> it's insane. the idea that spending another $1 trillion on a health care entitlement is the way to fiscal health is just insane and it's why no one is buying it. and the problem with this bill, obama is the one that routinely misrepresenting it. he complains about the critics but he says abortion isn't going to be covered. yes, it is. he says it's paid for, no, the house isn't. you can't keep your health care. he's saying things that are
9:43 pm
untrue about his own bill. sean: you're the liberal here. >> i'm the democrat. just because i'm a democrat doesn't necessarily mean -- sean: why are liberals afraid to admit their liberal? >> i'm a moderate. moderate and liberals think differently. sean: ok. here's the question. address richard's point. every point he made is true. abortion's covered. the idea that you can keep your health insurance even the c.b.o. says no, tens of millions of americans are going to be forced out. >> ok, what needs to be done is, there are so many different bills out there, so there are a variety of different messages. it's not clear which bill is the primary bill. what barack obama needs to do is throw all of them out and start from the beginning . when people voted for him they voted for him because they wanted him to cover the uninsured -- sean: he's allowed pelosi and reid to take this over. >> absolutely. sean: isn't that weakness? >> no. it's not weakness. what he thought was that leave
9:44 pm
it to congress so they can all reach across the aisle and come to an agreement and the reality at the end of the day, it's going to be partisan politics and republicans are not onboard with it. >> what does he disagree with? >> everything that is thrown in there. sean: answer that question. what does he disagree with? that's a good question. >> the way the structure, they haven't come to an agreement on what the structure is going to be, whether it's going to be a public plan or -- >> what major provision -- sean: let me ask. they did try to pull back on the government option and we saw the reaction from the left. they went nuts. so they don't -- i don't think they have any choice. they have to appease that base and i think every democratic blue dog democrat is going to be pulled into that white house, offered all sorts of taxpayer money and pressure to risk their careers. don't you think that's -- >> yeah. it seems that way. once again, it's more about the politics than it is the actual -- >> about it's getting health care reform for people who are uninsured.
9:45 pm
there are millions of people in the u.s. -- sean: how about -- that's -- how about tax credits for the uninsured? the chronically uninsured. not illegal immigrants. >> people who are unemployed who can no longer pay for their cobra and still own a home can't get medicaid and can't get health insurance, they have to sell their homes. so if they have no money coming in, what are you crediting their taxes for? the point sean's making is to give tax credits to people who have no income. the fundamental point is we need to cover -- sean: we have 20 seconds. >> the way to do it short of remaking the entire hate care, thank you, which is what they're doing. sean: we'll end it on that winning point. >> that is not a winning point. winning point is when we cover all uninsured in america. sean: thanks for being with us. folks, i've been a big fan of our next guest. john mcenrow, the brilliant, his ability to play tennis is second to none and that legendary --
9:46 pm
handicapped the upcoming u.s. open and much more. john mcenrow is next. abb
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
sean: john mcenrow's on the court intensity was the stuff of legend. his passion to compete helped him win 17 grand slam titles, including seven singles titles and it also led to more than one heated exchange with some of the umpires on the sidelines. take a listen. >> come on now! what ball were you watching? that's a break point. there were no lines. it didn't hit any chalk. sean: these days he's refoused his passion to raise awareness about prostate cancer, an illness that his father was treated for just three years ago and starting this monday you can catch him at the u.s. open where he's going to be broadcasting live with his brother patrick
9:51 pm
for espn. tennis great, john mcenrow, great to see you. i don't fawn over guests a lot but i've been a fan of yours for all these years and i'm a huge fan of toibs and it's really great to meet you. >> it's nice to meet you. you don't even remember, i was on your radio show years ago. sean: i do. >> when i was hawking my book which thanks to you helped reach number one for a couple of weeks. new york "times" best seller list. we were seen together at a kid rock show with leonard skinner. we didn't speak that day but there's connections there. sean: there's a lot of connections. i was from franklin square, you were from douglas. when you look back, and i listen to your commentary, i can't believe, you made a great transition into broadcasting. was that easy, hard? >> it was easier than i thought it was. in some ways i had to learn a little bit about looking at the camera, that one over there maybe a little bit. but generally i thought, like, what's the big deal think? should know what i'm talking about. i've been down there and been there, done that. why do people act surprised? but i think the difference was
9:52 pm
that i tried to come with a little bit more personality, show that there's a little bit more fun. my late great friend who passed away about 15 years ago did commentary. we played in the finals at the u.s. open by the way, 30 years ago. he was the guy that got me thinking, you know something? there's the guy that's having fun, he was eating a hot dog while he was doing the opening. if i do commentary, i want to do it like him. sean: i have had u.s. open, i have a box for the entire open, i've had it for five years now, and i go as often as i can last year i couldn't go because the two conventions were going on. i don't know what it is about tennis, it's one of the greatest sportses. i don't know if people realize the level of skill that it takes. were you born with this? did you work at it? >> first of all, i love sports. i played every sport manageable. it turned out -- imaginable. it ourned out, i moved, but my parents moved a block and a half away from tennis club. it -- it only had swimming and
9:53 pm
tennis. i started hitting against the back board. there were some pros. sean: howled were you? >> 8 1/2. patrick looks like he has a future. sean: your brother's name. >> after that, people saw things but i fell into the right situations. if i think if you believe in a lord above, i think that person up there thought for some reason that john mcenrow should be on the tones court and raise a racket and i could play a little bit, too. sean: where does this intensity come from? that's got to be innate. what i loved about watching your game was you just -- you were in it and you wanted to win and you were competitive and you were fighting and you didn't want to lose. i mean -- >> it's a combination of where i grew up, queens, risking -- living in new york. you're lucky in a bunch of people don't yell at you from the way to the airport to the cab. a dad in a lot of ways, we talked about survived prostate cancer, doing well, he used to tell me, you can do it. you can be the best player. the way he said, it you can do it! you can be the best!
9:54 pm
so you get the idea that that didn't seem like a big deal when i went to england for the first time, they looked like i was crazy but to me that was normal. sean: for all the -- when you would get angry, i know you're probably sick and tired of answering this question, was it genuine anger, mad, frustration? you're one of the few players that i felt could get emotionally upset and help your game. >> i noticed that that worked. the first six, eight years of my career i was into. it i banted to change the sport. i thought the umpire was a bunch of bums, no one knew what they were talking about. the majors didn't care about the players. now i go on the champions tour later in my career, got add a little pa pizazz. if i don't yell, you cannot be serious, at least one time, they don't think they're getting their money's worth. it's become a bit of an act, a little bit of a parity. it's a little bit sad. but, look at 50 i'm here raising awareness for prostate cancer. i'm here as an ambassador for tennis. who would have put my name next to ambassador 20 years ago?
9:55 pm
sean: 17 grand slam turenments. >> that's two more than federer. sean: exactly. >> we're counting doubles and mixed sean: that's fair. they count. grand slam is a grand slam. >> at this rate he'll break it in six months. sean: he's watching and i'm sure he's mad. i thought the match with andy roddick and federer was one of the best matches i ever saw. >> absolutely dramawise. it reminded me a lot at the end, he was down, he lost that, my match with boring in 1980. i said, how does this guy find another year, the way federer did this time? i got hungrier. i thought, these guys are unbelievable champions. you have to find another gear. i think roddick can do it and he's going to have a lot of support here. definitely one of the best matches. last year nadal-federer was one of the best matches of my life. sean: i remember where i was watching that match, by the way, which was a phenomenal match. i was actually the at the mary peddler in new york watching the match. >> is that bar?
9:56 pm
sean: that was owned by the guy who owned the little mac inn. i would like to see more american does a little bit better in tennis sometimes. andy roddick seems to be -- >> we're having a bit of a problem and a lull. hopefully this will inspire people. i'm hoping to start an academy in the new york area. i was inspired by the troops and i think we can feed off each other. certainly in more countries they're giving a lot more opportunities to kids, way more than in america. sean: do you think maybe some american kids are a little spoiled? >> i would say that that's -- sean: maybe they're not -- not as tough -- >> the answer is yes. but at the same time look at federer and nadal, both best players in the men's game. federer grew up in switzerland, relatively well off. nadal grew up in my yarka. who thought a guy -- that's like a summer resort, going to the hamptons. so he still can do it. it doesn't mean you have to be in russia, leave your parents when you're 3 or come from a war-torn zone in bosnia or
9:57 pm
serbia the way joke very much or some of these other players have. i think we can get it done. i didn't come from that bad a place. douglas and queens is a pretty nice area. and so i -- sean: how much is skill versus natural talent? >> it's a combination. it's very similar. you're born -- sean: skill or hard work? >> it's all connected. you can't -- i don't care how naturally goisted you are, unless you -- gifted you are, especially now, players are more physical than ever. even on the women's side, there's a lot more depth. but why can't we do more with the stories, the williams sisters in two sisters are the best players in the world. sean: and have sustained it for a long time. >> and sustained it and not only that, they continue to go out there and they come from a part -- the worst part of l.a. that has to be -- we have to take advantage of that. sean: i think roddick can take this tournament. >> i'm thinking one of the andies. roddick or murray. that's the guys i'm going with.
9:58 pm
sean: i'm not even going to ask you politics. i'll bring you back another day. >> we'll talk about that because i'm concerned about you. i'm not sure i trust either side a whole lot. i'm one of those. i'm more liberal guy. i have to be honest with you. i'm one of these guys that believes that we should try to take care of as many people as possible. as a matter of fact, if i could ask you one question, about health care, what do we do about all these people that are inunshired? do we not ensure them? sean: got it. i can tell you right now. really simple. there's not 47 million that -- if you exclude illegals, if you ex trap late out kids -- if you break it down, there's about 15 million chronically uninsured. tax credits, tort reform, medical savings accounts, catastrophic care, free market solutions, much better. >> all that probably is going to leave a lot of people uninsured. even if all that was done. sean: not with tax credits. the government's bankrupted social security, medicare and everything else, i have no faith
9:59 pm
in government. government has failed -- >> i noticed that when i watched your show. sean: prostate cancer runs in my family. you're doing this thing for prostate cancer. >> you should be tested obviously becaused odds go up greatly for us. family members or relatives. here i am, i'd like to think a healthy individual. they're looking for 50-year-olds. that cut it down originally because that was the guideline to get a p.s.a. test. sean: 40. >> since then the association changed it to 40. it be proactive and go to your doctor and see what your options are. guys are afraid to do that. they're like, no, i'm fine. we have to get the wive, push the hubbies. we don't ask anyone for directions when we drive around. we drive aimlessly for hours. sean: i've got onstar. >> i forget about that. sean: i look forward to seeing you at the open. i love watching you play over the years and you've added so much to th s

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